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Hello, my name is Wayne Nowacki and I’ve created this place on the internet to share content with our family and others. I am 40 years old and do a variety of things which I enjoy, some at differing levels than others. Guess you could say that I’m blessed and fortunate to enjoy the life that I’ve been given. Currently my main profession is with Waterford Grand in the Willamette Valley. On the side, I love to maintain the various sections that comprise this domain as well as mobilebusinessincubator.com. I also enjoy tinkering with Android gadgets and playing games from time to time on those devices. Most of my spare time runs the course of bonding with my daughter Audrey and wife Julie. From time to time, I may spend time with my actual friends but this has not been the primary means of what I’ve done with myself the past couple of years. My hope is that it will drift into occasional periods where I’m doing such, so that I’m both filled and pouring back into the lives of others.

My beautiful wife Julie, now 35, ┬áspends most of her time with Audrey maintenance and does it very well I might add. When she has downtime, she’s either cooking, cleaning or selling makeup for Younique. She’s also spotted frequently chatting with her friends on Facebook and scheduling time into her life for them, in person. Without this outlet, she’d probably go crazy and take me down right along with her, as she is a complete social butterfly and receives much from spending time with those she loves.

Last but not least, Audrey is now six years old and commands most of our time and resources it seems. She adores playing make believe with her dolls and characters that she watches on Netflix. Some of her favorite shows include: Odd Squad, Ever After High, Frozen, Chopped, Cupcake Wars…I digress. When the weather allows, she’s seen playing on the playground, making rubber band bracelets or getting together with one of her gal pals. During most months, her time is divided between school, gymnastics and dance classes. She always does something memorable and seems to grow by leaps and bounds, both literally and figuratively!

Your mission, should you accept it, is to learn about myself and the family.
Now, go about your business--grasshopper ;-p


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